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iPhone 5 Audio Jack / Headphone Repair

Quick Overview

Does your iPhone 5 Headphone Jack need repair?

Get your iPhone 5 audio jack repaired fast at RepairZoom!

Welcome to RepairZoom.  Common problems with the iPhone audio jack include having the audio be intermittent, or only being able to hear out of one earphone.  If the headphone jack on your iPhone 5 has stopped working properly, you may no longer be able to plug in your AUX plug or any other external headphones for your iPhone. 
To correct this issue, we need to open the phone and replace the internal assembly that controls your audio jack.

The repair price quoted is an all inclusive repair price.  It also includes shipping if you are shipping the device to our repair labs.  Just click Add To Cart to print your shipping label for this iPhone 5 repair now.  Or read below for more details on this repair service.

Thank you for visiting us at RepairZoom for your iPhone 5 repair.

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