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  • iPhone 4 Water Damage Diagnosis iPhone 4 Water Damage Diagnosis

iPhone 4 Water Damage Diagnosis

Quick Overview

Uh-O.  Does your iPhone 4 have water damage?

Get your iPhone 4 water damage diagnosed fast at RepairZoom!

Our low iPhone water damage diagnosis fee includes shipping to RepairZoom and the cost of the diagnosis. This fee does not include the cost of the repairs. If your iPhone 4 can be repaired, we will contact you to tell you what additional fees will be required to fix your iPhone. You must pay these additional fees to fix the phone and have it returned to you.

If your phone cannot be repaired, this fee will also cover the cost of shipping your phone back to you.

Please read below for additional details on this repair service.

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iPhone 4 Water Damage Diagnosis

Splish Splash. Oh no! Your iPhone 4 went swimming and is water-damaged. iPhones really should not swim, so this is not a good situation. But there may be hope.  The first thing to do in this little crisis is to read our emergency procedures for iPhone 4 Water Damage. If you do not have time to do the emergency procedure, or if the iPhone will not turn on after following our emergency procedures, send it to RepairZoom for a Water Damage repair diagnosis.  (The shipping is actually inlcluded in this service too!)

Emergency Procedures for iPhone 4 Water Damage.

These procedures work best if:

Your Apple iPhone 4 was not fully submerged in water (worst case scenario), you are treating it immediately, and you DID NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON.

Okay, here is what you can do to help your water damaged iPhone 4:

DO NOT turn on your iPhone - This is so hard to resist, we know, but your iPhone logic board will immediately self destruct adding to the cost of repairs if you attempt to turn it on while wet inside.  Also, attempt to remove the SIM card from the side of the phone (try using a paperclip to open the SIM tray by pressing in the small hole).  Then shake out the phone to try and remove as much standing water as possible.

For the rest of the instructions, please see our Tips For Water Damage.

If, after reading these instructions, you feel that this iPhone 4 repair is suitable for you, please go ahead and place this order.  PLEASE include in the "Comments" section as much information as possible about the nature of the water damage to your device.  Include the date it was damaged and any home-remedies you have tried.

Your shipping labels will be instantly printable after placing your order.  Thank you for considering RepairZoom for your iPhone 4 Water Damage Repair.  Please call us at 877-274-5964 if you have any questions.