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Get a free trial iPad repair for your school, university, or school district. Sign up now!

Let us show you what we can do! Sign up now to get a FREE trial iPad Repair for pre-qualified Schools, School Districts, Universites and other qualified education facilities today - we even include free UPS shipping.  Sign up today to start the process to print your free shipping labels in minutes. We even have all the special features you want and need to manage serial numbers and asset tag numbers, for all of your devices. Try us, and you'll be sailing through repairs with less hassle and less money!

Education, Schools, and Government Repair Solutions

Did you know that RepairZoom provides repair services for K-12 Education, College, and University level entities?  We are a leader in School iPad Repair and MacBook Repair services for many nationwide school districts and corporations with large iPad and MacBook deployments.  In most cases we are significantly less expensive than purchasing repair-insurance for your broken devices.  We proudly offer the highest quality repairs, at lower prices than most other services with FREE UPS shipping on all orders too.  Please call us today for information on our bulk order programs at 877-274-5964.

It’s easy to place your first order today! Ordering with a Purchase Order is easy and immediate for schools. No credit application is required.

RepairZoom accepts credit cards, checks, and purchase orders from qualified Education and Government institutions.

  1. Get a FREE repair immediately as a test offer. Set up your Account.  Just select “create an account” when you are creating your first order.  Then, immediately call us in customer service 877-274-5964 and we will enable your academic account immediately for Purchase Order purchases.
  2. Once the setup is finished, you will have a new field on your order page where you will enter your PO Number with your orders.
  3. Please first log-in to your Account on all subsequent orders.  This will enable your PO purchases and ensure all of your orders are nested together in the same account so you get credit for your order volume.
  4. After placing your first order, please email ( or enclose a copy of your Purchase Order (PO) inside with your shipment.
  5. You do not have to complete a credit application for most USA accredited academic entities.  Your completion of the online account information is typically sufficient for verification.
  6. If your first order exceeds 10 devices, please call us for possible bulk discount pricing.
  7. Free UPS shipping is included in all orders.  You can instantly print your free UPS shipping labels upon completion of the online order process.
  8. We invoice as soon as the repairs are finished.  You receive a digital invoice by e-mail and a hard copy invoice with your return shipment.  Our terms are Net-30.
  9. If you have any questions, please call 877-274-5964 for immediate assistance.

Our normal terms are Net 30 for Local, State, and Federal educational institutions as well as for USA government entities. Additional Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

RepairZoom’s standard credit terms for school iPad repair are Net 30 unless otherwise approved.  Orders will be processed upon approval of the account setup process, and RepairZoom, LLC has received a copy of the purchase order indicating the correct Bill and Ship to addresses along with an amount of the purchase order meeting or exceeding the value of your order.  Purchase orders with terms greater than 30 days must have special approval by RepairZoom, LLC.

Orders exceeding $10,000.00 may require a deposit.  For additional information on our credit terms please contact customer service at 877-294-5964.

School iPad repairs for your district can be easy to manage.  If you are rolling out iPads to teachers, students, or even moving forward on a district-wide 1:1 iPad program, bulk iPad repair programs from RepairZoom provide the best value in the industry.

For information on Corporate Accounts or other bulk repair ordering needs click here:  RepairZoom Corporate Account Information

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