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iPad Pro Repairs

When Quality Matters, Choose RepairZoom for your iPad Pro Repair.

RepairZoom provides original-quality iPad Pro repair on all models of the iPad Pro series.  Whether you have the iPad Pro 9.7", iPad Pro 10.5", iPad Pro 11", or iPad Pro 12.9"... we provide services on iPad Pro Screen Repair for cracked screens, touchscreen digitizer issues, LCD replacement, or even difficult charge port repairs and battery replacements.  If you need an iPad Pro Diagnosis, we also have many selections available.

Our expert quality repairs have a very quick turn around with same-day repair in most cases.  The most common repair we offer is the iPad Pro Cracked Screen Repair service.  With this iPad Pro repair we use an original-quality assembly as a replacement to ensure quality and an expert fit.  We do not use cheaper "aftermarket LCD's".  We use the original-quality iPad Pro Screen Repiar with the original LCD screen.  We work on all models and all "generations" of the iPad Pro:

First Generation iPad Pro Models:

    • iPad Pro 12.9 inch "1st-Generation": (Model Numbers A1584 & A1652)
    • iPad Pro 9.7 inch: (A1673 & A1674)


;Second Generation iPad Pro Models:

    • iPad Pro 12.9 inch "2nd-Generation": (A1670 or A1671)
    • iPad Pro 10.5 inch: (A1701 & A1709)


;Third Generation iPad Pro Models:

    • iPad Pro 12.9 inch "3rd-Generation" (2018) (A1876, A2014, or A1895)
    • iPad Pro 11 inch: (A1980, A2013, A1934, or A1979)


You can find your iPad Pro model number laser-etched (it's tiny!) on the back of your iPad Pro below where it says “iPad”.  You can also find your model number in your iPadOS Software under:  Settings > General > About > Then tap on the actual model number to toggle until you see the "A Number" (will start with letter A followed by 4 numbers). This "A Number" will tell you which iPad Pro model you have and which iPad Pro Repair to purchase.  Please select from our current iPad Pro repairs below.  If you need a repair that is not listed, please call us at 877-274-5964.


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