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iPad Air Repair

iPad Air Repairs for all models, colors, and versions of the iPad Air

When quality matters, choose RepairZoom for your iPad Air repair.

We absolutely love the iPad Air. The engineers at Apple completely transformed the earlier generation iPads, dropping close to a quarter of the volume of the previous-generation. We offer a variety of iPad Air Repair services including iPad Air Screen repair.

The original iPad Air model comes with the stunning retina deplay LCD, but does NOT have the "touch ID" fingerprint identity sensor on the home button.  The model numbers (printed on the back) of the iPad Air are A1474, A1475, or A1476.

The iPad Air is much more difficult to repair than earlier iPads due to the thin overall design. We do not recommend trying iPad Air repairs at home.  Leave it to the experts at RepairZoom.  We use only original-quality parts in all of our repairs, and offer UPS Shipping in the total cost of your repair.  Same day service is available for walk-in customers at our repair labs.

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