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iPad 7th Generation Repair - New 2019 Model 10.2" iPad Repair

The iPad was released on September 25, 2019. It is identified by the following model numbers: A2197 on the iPad 7th generation Wi-Fi Version, A2200 or A2198 on the iPad 7th generation WiFi + Cellular Version.  (Please look on the back of your iPad to see which model number is later-etched on the back, or look in your iPad settings to confirm your model number before you order.)

Significantly, the body dimensions (form factor) of the 2019 iPad have been enlarged to match the external dimensions of the current 11” Pro and 10.5” Air 3.  The exact screen dimensions of the New 2019 Model iPad is 10.2".  This iPad also enables use of the Apple direct connect keyboard.  This is a huge upgraded feature from all previous entry level iPad models.  This iPad has a lot of Apple's newest technology at an amazing low price and overall value.

We offer iPad 7th Generation Screen Repairs and many other repairs as described below.

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