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  • iPad Air 2 Cracked Screen Repair iPad Air 2 Cracked Screen Repair

iPad Air 2 Cracked Screen Repair

Quick Overview

Is the front glass screen on your beautiful iPad Air 2 cracked?

Welcome to RepairZoom.  Our expert iPad Air 2 screen repair service will completely fix cracked, shattered, or broken glass on the iPad Air 2.  This repair is appropriate if you have a cracked iPad Air 2 screen, or even if your front glass is completely shattered.  This repair service will remove the old screen then fully replace your iPad Air 2 broken front glass "digitizer" screen and LCD. We use the best OEM quality replacement glass available for this repair.

Why is this so expensive?: The iPad Air 2 is designed and contructed in a different way.  The top glass screen and the LCD layers are fused together to form a sealed "assembly". These layers are not designed or engineered to be separated as in many other iPad models.  We don't have a choice in how to repair it.  Therefore, this repair will replace the complete glass screen and original-quality LCD assembly as it is only approach possible.  This will give you a "like-new" result for the iPad Air 2 screen repair.  To verify you have the correct repair, the iPad model number (laser-etched very small on the bottom back of your iPad Air 2) will be either:  A1566 or A1567.

Bent Corners?  Many customers have damaged or even slightly bent metal corners or edges on their iPad Air 2. This is not a problem as we can typically improve the look of these at no extra charge during our repair process.

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iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

Has your beautiful iPad Air 2 been dropped, stepped on, left on the top of the car?

We are experts in iPad Air 2 screen repair.  We can quickly and professionally repair broken, cracked, or shattered glass screens on the iPad Air 2.  The RepairZoom experts are some of the most experienced technicians you can find anywhere to diagnose and repair your broken iPad Air screen.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians will repair your iPad Air 2 glass screen by completely removing and replacing the glass and its built in "digitizer" and LCD.  Also, as part of the repair process, our technicians will assess any other damage that may be related to the broken glass.  Please let us know any and all problems you are having with your iPad Air 2.

Note:  If you have minor damage to your metal back plate, such as a dimple in the metal or a scratched or dented metal corner, this will generally NOT impede our ability to repair your iPad Air 2.  We typically do not recommend ordering a new back plate if you have minor or modest damage to your metal corners or back plate. We fix your minor back plate dents and bent corners as a complimentary service during our repair process. The blemishes won't be completely gone, but they will be improved and our technicians do a very nice job on this, without charging you anything extra.

At RepairZoom, we typically repair your iPad Air 2 the SAME DAY we receive it.  We are also the only leading nationwide repair company with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  Our iPad Air 2 glass replacement service is an all inclusive repair price, and it includes free shipping BOTH DIRECTIONS if needed.  If you are comparison shopping, don't fall for gimmicks that make the total cost of your iPad Air 2 repair MORE (sometimes much more).  At RepairZoom we are proud of our pricing and shipping policy:  No games. No gimmicks.  Lowest overall cost. Highest quality replacement parts.  100% satisfied customers.

SHIPPING INFORMATION:  We pay for 100% of your shipping costs and we use UPS shipping. Your customized free UPS shipping labels will be available to print instantly when you check-out of the online store.  We also offer some upgraded shipping options for a small fee - so if you want expedited UPS shipping for your iPad Air 2 glass replacement you will have the opportunity to "upgrade".

WARRANTY INFORMATION:  RepairZoom provides a 2 year warranty on the quality of the replacement parts for this repair.  For more details on our industry leading Warranty, please click here:  RepairZoom Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, the fastest way to get your iPad Air 2 screen repair service started is to add this item to your cart, OR call us toll free right now at 877-274-5964 to set up the order by phone.

Cool -- all that makes sense. Finally, a company that get's it!  RepairZoom.

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