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  • iPad 4 Lightning Port Repair iPad 4 Lightning Port Repair

iPad 4 Charge Port Repair

Quick Overview

Has Your iPad 4 Lightning Connector Lost its Bolt?

If the "Lightning Connector" port on your iPad no longer enables charging or connects to iTunes, you likely need to replace this on your iPad 4.

This repair is appropriate for the iPad 4 with retina display that has the small reversible lighting connector on the bottom. You can order from this page if you have either color or the iPad 4. Take a close look at the photo to ensure you have selected the correct repair. See more information below.

IMPORTANT: Before ordering this repair, please check to ensure you are charging your iPad 4 on the original Apple iPad 12W Charging Adapter. Your iPad 4 may not charge on an iPhone adapter or a lower powered adapter.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: RepairZoom pays for your shipping (both directions). It is included in the cost of your repair! You will be able to print your UPS shipping labels instantly upon completion of your purchase. Ready to order and ship? Just click Add To Cart and you're on your way!

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iPad 4 Lightning Port Repair

If your iPad 4 won't charge or connect with iTunes, you likely have a failed Lighting Port. To correct this problem you need to replace the internal port (sometimes also called the "dock") inside your iPad 4.

This is an all inclusive repair, including the new parts needed to fix the problem. This is also a difficult repair, so we do not recommend trying this on your own. This repair is for the iPad 4th Generation iPad with the LIGHTNING connector on the bottom (this is the "narrow" and also reversible connector).

Identifying the iPad 4:  The 4th generation iPad is sometimes described like this:  "It looks exactly like an iPad 2 or iPad 3, but it has the new small "lightning port" on the bottom.  It is not an iPad Air.  For the USA, model numbers can be any of the following:  A1458, A1459, or A1460.  Still not sure?  Just call our friendly customer service like at 877-274-5964 for assistance.

The RepairZoom experts are some of the most experienced technicians you can find anywhere to repair your faulty iPad 4 lightning port. We will carefully remove the glass on your iPad 4, remove and replace the faulty lightning port inside, then expertly reinstall your glass screen.

This service is an excellent value. Nearly all of our iPad 4 repair services are completed the same day we receive your device. We also offer some of the lowest prices you can find anywhere for the iPad 4 lightning USB port repair.

We also offer FREE SHIPPING both ways for this repair. Your UPS shipping labels will be available to print instantly when you complete your checkout of our store. So, the fastest way to get this iPad 4 Lightning port repair service started is to add this item to your cart, OR call us toll free right now at 877-274-5964 to set up the order by phone.

We can also answer any questions you may have about this service.

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