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iPad 4 Diagnosis

Quick Overview

Welcome to RepairZoom.

If you are not sure what is wrong with your iPad 4, this is the service for you. This is a great repair to order if your iPad won't turn on, won't make a wireless connection, or is acting erratically. Our repair technicians will evaluate the device and contact you after this is completed.

IF your iPad is repairable, we will quote a price for the repairs when we contact you. Any needed repairs will require additional payment before they are completed.  If your iPad 4 cannot be repaired, we will return it to you with no additional fees required.

If you already know what is wrong with your iPad, we suggest you choose a specific repair from our iPad 4 Repair Page to avoid the extra diagnosis fee.

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iPad 4 Repair Diagnosis

Do you have an iPad 4 repair requirement that does not fit any of our categories?

By ordering this repair diagnosis service, we start by reading your description of the problems with your iPad 4.  You will have ample space to describe the issues when you order.

Then, a certified and trained RepairZoom technician will investigage and evaluate your iPad 4 for the issues you describe.  Our low price on this service includes the diagnosis and free UPS shipping.  This fee does not cover the cost of the repairs.

Upon receipt and evaluation of your iPad 4, we will contant you to to give you the full diagnosis as well as your options for repair.  In some cases your iPad will not be repairable.  In such case, we will return your iPad 4 to you with no additional fees required.

If it IS repairable, we will quote you the price for the recommended repairs and collect the additional fees by telephone.

IMPORTANT:  If you are concerned that your iPad 4 will not not power up, please verify that you are charging your iPad 4 on the original Apple iPad 12W Charging Adapter.  Many iPads do not charge on a lower powered adapters such as a low wattage iPhone adapter.

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