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Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Lifetime Waranty on Parts (Includes Shipping and Labor for 6 Months)

Accidental Glass Damage Protection

Lifetime Warranty on Parts

We guarantee the replacement parts we install on your device will not fail. If you experience a parts failure during the first six months (180 days) on any part we install, we will pay 100% of the costs associated with replacing the failed part(s) on your device. This includes free UPS shipping costs and labor. After the initial 180 days, you pay 50% off the current price for the replacement of your failed parts plus shipping if needed. This warranty does not apply to battery replacements or water damage repairs, or accidental glass damage. This warranty also does not apply to parts failures caused by damage to the device, excessive wear and tear, water damage, drops, bloated batteries, or exposure to excessive heat or cold. This warranty does not apply if the device has been opened, self-repaired, tampered with, or repaired by any other repair facility other than RepairZoom, LLC. This warranty is granted to the original purchaser of our services, and cannot be transferred. Must have proof of purchase. Void where ineligible by law. Void where superseded by other warranty laws. Our maximum warranty liability shall never exceed the purchase price of the initial repair order associated with this device for the part that been replaced and failed. In addition, if you elected not to proceed with any recommended repair (you selected a partial repair) we cannot provide a warranty; this is because a partial repair may inhibit the ability for all parts to operate normally.

We stand behind our repairs and our replacement parts. We are fair and we love to stand by our customers.

RepairZoom Accidental Glass Damage Discount Program

We know it is expensive and frustrating to have your iPhone or iPad repaired for accidental glass or digitizer damage. That’s why RepairZoom is the best company to choose when selecting an iPhone or iPad Screen Repair. We give you a 50% discount (does not include shipping) if you need to re-repair the same device due to repeat accidental glass damage for up to 2 years. (Limit 1x per each paid repair). And because RepairZoom already offers the lowest overall prices on iPad and iPhone repair, this is one incredible offer. You don't have to do anything, or pay anything to receive this benefit. It's included in the price of most screen repairs. (Note: This program is not currently available to tablet repairs where screen and LCD must both be replaced, or OLED screen repairs, including iPad Air 2 Repair, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro repairs, iPhone X Repair, iPhone XS Repair, Surface Pro Repair, or iPhone XS Max Repair.)

If you ever need to redeem your accidental damage 50% discount – please call RepairZoom customer service to set up your order. The phone number is 877-274-5964. You will need to provide the serial number of your device and your original order number -- so please have it handy when you call.

Our industry-leading warranty programs are our way of saying thank you to our amazing customers. And like everything at RepairZoom, our warranty programs are fair, simple, and hassle-free to redeem. No Games. No Gimmicks.