We hear stories.  Funny stories.  Amazing stories.  A few days ago we had a customer who dropped his iPhone from the second story of a construction site.  It survived without any protection by landing in a pile of sand!  Minutes later, he dropped it “2 inches” above the pavement.  The iPhone screen shattered.  It was toast.

That’s the thing about iPhone damage.  Seemingly minor “traumas” often cause the worst damage.  Every day our customers come in to RepairZoom with their iPhones bashed, scratched, run over, and just plain thrashed.  We are often amazed (and amused) with the stories of how their iPhones became so damaged.  Really, you ran over your iPhone with your car??!!

We realize that not all damage can be avoided.  But many minor accidents CAN be avoided by simply protecting your iPhone.  The need to replace iPhone 4 glass is a case in point.  The best way to prevent accidental screen and glass damage is to keep a high quality cover on your iPhone.  An extra rugged case makes sense if you are especially clumsy.  A thin film screen protector is also a great idea, they really do help protect against the need to replace iPhone glass or fix ugly scratches.
Some other advice from RepairZoom — Keep your iPhone away from water and direct sun.  And this may seem silly, but avoid giving your iPhone to babies!  They seem to be the most damaging of all!

We hope this advice is helpful. The best time to heed these warnings is before, not after you visit us at to replace iPhone glass or seek any other damage related repair.

Don’t let your iPhone be the next victim – protect it!