The iPhone 5 is coming soon.

We all know it.  Each time a new rev of an Apple product is getting closer to announcement… we all start to feel it.  That seem to be where we are now with the iPhone 5.  So, what will the new features be this time? We know it will be powered by the “A5″ chip, the same processor that runs the iPad 2.  That’s a LOT of muscle for sure… but is that exciting enough for users to ditch their iPhone 4′s in favor of an i5?  Certainly we know that some Apple faithful ALWAYS get the latest devices… just because they can’t stand to have their neighbor with a newer toy.  But so far, barring any shocking announcements at the WWDC slated for next month in San Francisco… it seems the iPhone 5 will be a small step up rather than the big leap we took from iPhone 3 to iPhone 4.

Tell us… is there any feature you are just dying for the folks at Apple to add to your iPhone that would make you upgrade?