RepairZoom has a complete variety of iPhone Repair Services available for our customers. We are pleased to have recently begun offering iPhone 7 repair and iPhone 7 Plus Repair Services from our repair labs in Irvine, Orange County California.

iPhone 7 repair service has been available at RepairZoom beginning in late 2016 and ramping to full production in early 2017.  This latest iPhone from Apple is similar to the iPhone 6, yet adds water resistance to the arsenal of amazing iPhone features that Apple lovers have come to expect.

Repairs on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus repairs are affordable at RepairZoom and are typically offered on a while-you-wait or quick turnaround basis.  RepairZoom only offers highly sought after original LCD’s in their repairs, which makes a big difference between other local repair shops.  With over 6 years experience in iPhone Repair at RepairZoom, we are pleased to note that the company has thousands of satisfied customers.  The company also boasts over 400 5-Star yelp Reviews of RepairZoom iPhone and iPad Repair service in California.

The most common and most popular iPhone 7 repair is the iPhone 7 Screen Repair.  This repair is the result of dropping, shattering, and damaging the screen on your iPhone 7.  When coming to a RepairZoom location, the fix involves completely and expertly removing the existing screen off the iPhone, and replacing it, along with the iPhone 7 LCD, with a completely new assembly.  The Touch-ID feature and force-touch technology is preserved on this repair, and it is not likely you will lose and iOS software features on this iPhone.

The good news for owners of older iPhone models, is that RepairZoom still offers repairs on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, 5s, 5, and even the iPhone 4s repair and iPhone 4 repair.  Sadly, we have discontinued earlier iPhone repairs.

Same as with the iPhone 7 repairs, we still offer mostly iPhone screen repair on earlier iPhone models.  That’s because the Apple devices are made primarily with Glass and Metal… offering very little in the way of shock absorbing materials.  So, we always recommend a tempered glass screen protector after your iPhone Repair Services, and a shiny new Speck iPhone Case after you are all finished.

Other ancillary repairs are offered at RepairZoom, such as iPhone Battery repair and replacement, iPhone home button repairs, iPhone power button repairs, and iPhone LCD Repairs.  Check the website for the current offering of all iPhone Repairs.

If you ever have questions further about the quality, turnaround, and availability of various iPhone Repairs, you can always contact RepairZoom at 877-274-5964 or 949-743-1600 if you are located in Orange County California.