People ask us all the time for recommendations on our favorite iPad Accessories.  Since we happen to see a LOT of iPad Accessories from our smart and stylish customers who visit or ship to RepairZoom for iPad repair, we get to see some cool stuff.  And since it’s just before the holidays… what better time to share our 10 favorites.  So… here goes!

1.  The iPad Sleeve – pictured left– ($48) by Byrd & Belle.  We love the “Gray Wool Felt and Brown Leather” color scheme… but there are others to choose from too.  We love this because it is hand made and American made.  As described by the creator, the felt is 100% wool and is 3mm thick (around 1/8″).  It is a sustainable and renewable material which offers strength while remaining soft to the touch.  The leather strap is hand-dyed and environmentally friendly, low v.o.c. dyes. Each piece is handled and studied and minor variations in texture and color, though they are slight, are part of the unique character of each piece.  (Thanks for this iPad accessories tip from cool customer Bryan P!)

2.  The Jambox ($199) by Jawbone.  This little speaker packs an AMAZING amount of sound in one tiny little rectangular speaker that you can hold in one hand.  It comes in 4 cool colors, each nicely styled differently too.  Works with any Bluetooth device… and even has a little microphone built in!  Think Bose speaker quality… but much smaller and wireless.

3.  The PadTab Tablet Mounting System ($19.99) by PadTab.  Ever want to turn your iPad into a nice wall mounted digital picture frame?  This smart little invention lets you do just that.  And the ingenious little mounts enable you to easily remove it and switch it to either landscape or portrait mode.  Check out the video.  Seriously nifty – and thrifty – little gift.

4.  The Original iBallz harness for iPad ($19.95) by iBallz.  Do you have kids who love your iPad?  Parents ask us all the time… “What’s the best case for kids?”  We think iBallz just might be it.  Four shock-absorbing balls fit over the corners of your iPad and are held in place by an adjustable elastic cord.  Of all the iPad accessories we like, this one is a tad bit bulky, but that’s the idea!

5.  The Hard Candy iPad Stylus($34.95) by Hard Candy.  Do you suffer from fat finger syndrome… or just like drawing on your iPad with a stylus sometimes?  The once new age stylus (remember the Palm Pilot) is making a stylish comeback with artistic iPad users who enjoy drawing.  What we like about the Hard Candy stylus is that is is also a handy writing tool (yea… an old fashioned pen!).  The silver color and rounded shape is Jetsons cool too.

6.  The Akron Car Mount for iPad ($39.95) by Akron.  Do your kids watch movies on their iPad while you drive?  Wouldn’t it be great if you  had a way to mount that iPad on the back of your seat so they could watch a movie together?  Your solution has arrived!

7.  The Zaggfolio iPad 2 Keyboard Case ($99.99) by Zagg.  The name says it all here.  It’s one of many keyboard/case combo units… but we like this one cause it has a removable keyboard and is a very nice tight design. Oh, and our customer Diane says it’s the best of all of her iPad accessories (and she has a lot!).

8.  The typillow Case for iPad – pictured left – ($34.95) by typed.  Looking for kid-friendly iPad accessories?  Ok, this is a seriously GREAT idea.  Imagine a soft microsuede square pillow… with a frame on one side that fits an iPad.  Ok kid… I DARE ya to break an iPad while it’s strapped in this thing.  Seeing the typillow is understanding this unique iPad accessory.

9.  The modulR iPad 2 Case + Hand Strap ($39.99) by modulR.  What we love about this design, is it is compatible with the original iPad 2 Smart Cover designed by Apple, but it gives the iPad 2 much more protection.  It’s a modulR like minimalist design (see site) and will appeal to those who like modern and functional iPad accessories.

10.  Apple leather iPad Smart Cover in (PRODUCT) Red ($69.00) by Apple.  Okay, so we actually just love the sleek simplicity of the Apple designed companion to the iPad 2.  But by purchasing the (PRODUCT) red color… you do double-duty supporting a well-managed charity working to eliminate AIDS.  RED had helped over $7.5 million people already.  Same price… good deed.  We love that.  Shop at for lots of great iPad accessories.

So those are our 2011 choices for iPad Accessories?  What are yours?  Let us know by posting your thoughts here on the RepairZoom blog.

Happy holidays everyone.